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About Us

Erthwrks, Inc. is an employee-owned company that utilizes a streamlined business model that makes us a standout in today’s marketplace. This business model enables our performance-driven and entrepreneurial project managers to be nimble and flexible enough to efficiently meet our clients’ demanding schedules and last-minute testing needs.  Additionally, our Compliance Partner Philosophy, alongside our partnership with “Step2Compliance”, Erthwrks helps our clients to proactively avoid testing surprises.  Therefore, upon initial contact, Erthwrks plans a source-specific testing schedule, with deadlines, to plan an effective compliance schedule.  In addition, Erthwrks project managers participate in continuing education programs with various environmental consulting companies and pass on this knowledge, helping our clients keep up with the consistently evolving regulations.  Erthwrks also provides our clients with a list of proactive maintenance and key performance indicators (KPIs), based on our subject matter expertise and years of experience testing similar sources, to ensure ongoing compliance for each source.

The foremost advantage to using Erthwrks for your emission testing services is the senior level personnel on-site who are capable of quickly diagnosing problems in the field and who can promptly turn around reports. Working in this preemptive manner will save all parties involved time and expense.

When you choose to work with Erthwrks, you can expect to work directly with your project manager throughout the process, from attaining a budget, completing a test plan, the performance of the testing project and reporting, to finalizing the invoice.  In this manner, Erthwrks maintains one point of contact for each client that enables our clients to quickly get answers to any questions that come up throughout every phase of the project.  It is Erthwrks’ goal to simplify this process and make it as painless as possible for our clients.

Senior Leadership

Trey Chapman
Operation Manager

John Wood (QSTI)
Technical Director

Jarrod Hoskinson (QSTI)
Service Manager

Luke Morrison (QSTI)
Service Manager